Hotline description

HOTLINE - When do you need it?

Hotline (Emergency Assistance Program) works in 2 main fields:

1. Consultations rendering

  • Consultation on the issues connected with legal protection against illegal encroachments;
  • Reference information rendering;
  • Do's and don'ts;
  • Telephone translation from Russian into English and from English into Russian (when the Client needs it while being in public places, i.e. shops, restaurants, airports)

2. Assistance in emergency situations settlement (including on-site assistance)

When you face problems with your car or road police:

    • when you have problems with police officers checking for your documents
    • when you got in a car accident
    • when you got in a staged car accident scam
    • when you violated traffic laws
    • when your car was towed away
    • when your car was damaged or broken

When there is a threat to personal security:

    • when you think that you are being stalked by strangers;
    • when you face aggression or violence;
    • when there is an apartment break-in attempt.

When you face problems around the house (involvement of emergency and housing services:

    • when you got stuck in an elevator;
    • when you think there is a gas leak in your apartment;
    • when there is a water leakage;
    • when your apartment's front door lock broke down and you cannot get in.
  • When you face problems with police officers checking for your documents on a street or in a public place;
  • When you lost your personal belongings or documents;
  • When your personal belongings were stolen, your apartments broken in;
  • When you need to call special services;
  • When you need to call a taxi or 'sober driver' service.