Hotline examles


Mr. Smith called Hotline service and said that strangers extorted 10000 dollars from him accusing Mr. Smith of a car accident. Shortly before the call Mr. Smith was driving to his office when after a turn on a crossroad his car was blocked by a strangers? car. The strangers told Mr. Smith that he damaged their car while making a turn and showed him scratches on their car. One of the frauds introduced himself as a road police officer and threatened Mr. Smith claiming that he would revoke his driver?s license. The other fraud called supposedly to an insurance company which assessed the damage (10 000 $). The frauds suggested that Mr. Smith paid them instead of having problems with the police. Mr. Smith was frightened and agreed to pay telling the frauds that he had money in his office. Mr. Smith called Hotline service as soon as he got in his office. Hotline managers understood that Mr. Smith got in a staged car accident scam and took all necessary measures so that frauds stopped harassing Mr. Smith.

One evening Ms Smith called Hotline service and told the manager that she caught the smell of gas in her apartment. She also said that earlier that day there was a routine replacement of gas tubes in her house that could cause the smell. But Ms Smith aired her apartment for a long time while the smell kept becoming stronger. The Hotline manager asked Ms Smith to open all windows, not to use any electrical appliances, called a gas service and hastened to Ms Smith. At the primary inspection a gasman did not find any gas leak, but Hotline manager persuaded him to carry out a more thorough inspection of gas equipment which later revealed serious problems with gas heater. After the gas leak was localized there were taken all necessary measures to fix the problem. Thus, Hotline service managed to solve the problem which threatened Ms Smith?s health and life.

Mr. Smith called Hotline service and told the manager that he could not find his car at the place he left it. Mr. Smith was very anxious as he thought that his car was stolen, but Hotline manager calmed him telling that most likely his car was towed away for the wrong parking. Then Hotline manager called road police department and found out that Mr. Smith?s car was towed away. Hotline Manager met Mr. Smith and they arrived at the road police department where Hotline manager helped Mr. Smith fill in all the forms needed to recover the car and pay the bill. Then they arrived at the city pound where Hotline manager checked Mr. Smith?s car for possible damage and after that Mr. Smith drove away on his car. Thus, due to efficient actions of a Hotline manager Mr. Smith was able to save his time and nerves.

Mr. Smith called Hotline service and told the manager that some plain-clothes man, introducing himself as a police officer, asked for his documents. After Mr. Smith showed his documents the stranger said that Mr. Smith had problems with registration and asked to pay a fine of 5000 rubles. Mr. Smith suspected that something was wrong as the stranger refused to show his Police ID card and called Hotline service. The Hotline manager recommended that Mr. Smith did not give the stranger any money and that Rapid Response Group would arrive in 5 minutes. Some minutes later Mr. Smith called back telling the manager that the stranger had returned the documents and disappeared after hearing the telephone talk with Hotline service. Due to Hotline manager?s drastic measures Mr. Smith avoided trouble with fake police officer.