Our service

Facility protection (including armed guards)

  • Site security concept design;
  • Security and loss prevention programs for large stores;
  • Office and bank building security;
  • Protection of industrial and warehouse facilities.

Executive protection

  • Expert advice and practical training on personal, workplace and residential security aspects;
  • Close protection officers for top-managers of companies, dignitaries and their family members;
  • VIP collection from airports and security escort for foreign delegations and tourist groups.

Special event security

  • Preliminary site security survey and risk and threat assessment;
  • Developing emergency and evacuation procedures;
  • Maintenance of public order throughout the event.

Cargo and convoy protection

  • Security escorts for cargos and material valuables carried by all kind of transport across Russia;
  • Valuable transport in imported armored vehicles;
  • Motorized security escort teams;
  • Armored vehicle leasing;
  • Secure escort for customer?s cashier or cash collector on delivery routs.

Hotline service

The Hotline program provides its subscribers with 24 hour access to telephone consultations on a wide range of personal security issues and advice on what course of actions to take in potentially dangerous and conflict situations. Unless the initial consultation is sufficient to sort out the problem company?s rapid response unit is dispatched to provide practical support on the spot.

  • Hotline subscribers enjoy 24 hour access to the following resources:
  • Dedicated English-speaking managers responding to telephone calls;
  • Duty officers having the solid law-enforcement background coordinating the program operation;
  • Several specially trained and properly equipped motorized rapid response teams;
  • A team of legal and financial specialists ready to provide express advise and consultation;
  • Company investigators and representatives of its other departments.

The Hotline standard package includes the following services:

  • Express consultations on dealing with law-enforcement and administrative officials;
  • Advice and recommendations on a wide range of personal security and safety issues and precautions to be taken in a variety of situations at work, in public transport and places around town;
  • Dispatch of rapid response teams in case of emergency, to represent and coordinate the customer? interests at the accident spot;
  • Night time emergency collection in a duty car;
  • Set of customized services specified in an individual contract.

Technical security services

Design, installation, start-up/adjustment and technical maintenance of the following security equipment.

Access control systems

  • Turnstiles, a variety of security gates and doors, intercoms,
  • Walk-through and hand metal-detectors;
  • Automatic traffic-barriers and gate gear.

Intruder alarms and physical barriers

CCTV systems

  • Digital cameras and recorders;
  • Dedicated telephone lines for transmitting video signals;
  • GSM based video-transmission.

Fire-alarm and extinguishing systems

  • Centralized alarms operating on corporate frequencies;
  • Local computer network design and maintenance.

Information protection systems:

  • Identification of information leakage channels;
  • Consultations on information protection measures and techniques.

Information support & investigations

  • Appraisal of records and consultations on financial and property dispute resolution;
  • Support in concluding and tracking of large business transactions aiming at the prevention of associated risks;
  • Due diligence and background checks on potential and current partners in and outside of Russia;
  • Investment risk management;
  • Industrial espionage countermeasures;
  • Internal accident investigations using lie detector tests if necessary;
  • Search for debtors and lost asset tracing in Russia and abroad;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Market segments analysis;
  • Legal and practical support for customer?s business from unlawful activities;
  • Pre-employment and personnel screening;
  • Pre-litigation support and representation of client interests with arbitration and other courts;
  • Document and stamp authentication.

Financial consulting and audit

Audit in compliance with international and Russian standards.

Accounting services.

  • Consultations on the introduction of proper accounting systems and procedures;
  • Setting up accounting procedures.

Tax regulations.

  • Consultations on taxation matters;
  • Tax audit;
  • Tax planning.